About us

About Us

Home is where your heart stays. We believe in thing saying. Our aim is to provide a comfortable living arena for guests. As a healthy and friendly environment work as a support to students.

Being a dedicated student lodge, we are often puzzled with queries from parents. Security is the main concern for most of the parents. Letting the student alone in an unknown city is a big deal. Hence, we assure you of not being extra conscious about Ward.

Breeze Harbour Lodge deploys security guards in two shifts. Two guards are on duty in daytime, and two are on duty in the night shift.

  • Noise-Free Environment
  • 24x7 Internet Access
  • Dedicated Parking

Our Professional Values

We never compromise on security

The security guards maintain a tight vigil on those coming in and out of the lodge. Guests do have visitors. We permit entry to any stranger only after consenting with the guest over the intercom.

Apart from colleges and universities, Harbour Breeze Lodge is at walking distance from hospitals and banks. Our lodge premises offer a pleasant atmosphere for living.

Parents always remain concerned about the environment in which children live. We understand this. Thus, we offer accommodations to guests according to their gender. Girls and boys have separate floors to stay.

Artistically Designed

Artistically Designed

Stylish And Spacious Lodge

Outside Food Allowed

Outside Food Allowed

Food is a major problem with outstation students. Hence, we permit food delivery in the lodge. The guest can bring the food themselves and can also order food online, but the guests have to pick it from the reception. We don’t allow entry of any outsider inside the premises of the lodge.

Written Application For Overnight Stay

We shall seek a written application from the guests if any guardian wishes to stay with them overnight. The student shall also write their relationship with the visitor. We act as the guardian and ensure the safety of the guest. The student willing to stay outside in night also has to submit a written application with the reason for outside stay.

Contact us and pre-book accommodation for your ward.